Information that reached NEGASHI OJ indicated that Ato Elias Rediman and all his Co’s are discharged from their position in the Federal Majlis. In this major development, all the current members of the Federal and Addis Ababa Majlis are to be replaced by new ones. Meeting of Woreda representative is planned for January 24, 2009 and it is hoped that this assembly will elect the new leadership for the Addis Ababa Majlis. Reconstitution of the Federal Majlis leadership will then follow.

Mufti Omer Idris, the current chair of the Addis Ababa Majlis and a proponent of Muslim unity, also chair of Addis Ababa Ulema Unity Forum, will join the new leadership at Federal level. It is to be recalled that Ato Elias removed him from his position as vice-chairman of the Federal Ulema Council following his willingness to work for the unity of the umma.

It is not clear yet how this major develpment came about at this moment. Sources indicates that the change is sunctioned by the countries political leadership. The same source added that though the new development can be seen as a step in the positive direction, given the anti-Islam, anti-Muslim stance of Ato ELias and his co., the problem of the Muslim community will not be fully addressed until it gets the chance to freely elect its leaders and manage its affairs independent of the political will, as the Ethiopian Constitution stipulates.

The news that the grand Mufti will be a member in the new Federal leadership ignites hope in the Muslim community given that he has been at the forefront of bringing Muslims together and his determination to resolve differences with discussion. It is further suggested that Muslims both at home and in the Diaspora should then positively engage the new leadership so that it can leave upto its responsibilities.